pottty 08-23-06 20:39

i need to pee.
but i dont want to.
so ive been holding it for 15 minutes or so.
which means when i get old
im ganna lose tone in my shfinkter.
wow...isnt that just peachy.
08-12-06 22:25
after the heat wave we just had im truely enjoying this cold front that we are getting over here in new england. its just 70s all day and low 60s at night.
it feels so good.
i like being cold right now.
but i dont want summer to be over yet.
i still have a good 3ish weeks til school.
although im excited to not be a freshmen anymore.
rodent 08-11-06 05:44
i just played with a ginny pig thats white, tan, and dark brown. so me and my friend decided to come up with a nationality for it.. and we basically decided that Rosey ( the ginney pig) is everything south of the boarder.

shes even mexican.

her mom was killed by a -ginney terminater... we asked her how she dealt with that and she said "i killed that muthuh fuckuhs ass when there was a shoot out on my block." damn gangstuh.

and now im all itchy, and theres tiney red bumps on my neck.. considering im allergic to most animal fur.

haha...oh pretend games at 15 years old..
shut up whore 08-09-06 19:06

lately.. i cant find my confidense. ive really been hating myself lately and its weird. everytime i say something.. i feel so dumb.. i question all of my thoughts and decisions. i feel gross, dirty, fat, and ugly all of the time.
ive stopped believing in myself. and i feel like i can never match the high standards of societies nearly perfect girl. i have dreams where i rip every inch of chubbyness off of my body. and i just scolpt myself into a beautiful..person.
im not good enouph for anyone. I'll start to like a guy.. then stop.. because why would they want ME? why would they want to kiss, look, touch, or hold ME? ive lost myself completely and i feel hollow. like i dont have an inner me anymore, no more inner beauty.
ive been avoiding mirrors. because ive naturally been throwing up so much. not after every meal or anything.. and not forcing myself.. but about once every other day.. i puke, naturally, it just comes, because i feel so disgusting.

i seemed to have misplaced my morals, inspirations, and self confidence.
oh summer nights 08-07-06 20:15
oh ilove boys.
i got really drunk last night.
and let me tell you.
it was so goddamn fun.
i hadnt eaten much.. so halfway through a waterbottle of captain and coke.. i was done.
of course i finished the bottle.
i peed so many times.
and i was really loud.. and (we were at a park) so i saw people on a date.. and i made sure he was being nice.
apparently i cried.. and almost layed in my friends thro up.
we got caught.
because my friend couldnt stop puking and when we got home her dad heard her and came downstairs.
but hes from argentina and is madd chill so it was cool. her mom was pissed tho.
idc.. itwas worth it.
but goddamn.. she chugged a water bottle full of whiskey.. in one try...straight. jesus christo.
and today i hung out wiht the kid that i like all night. but he doesnt know that i like him. but it was still great.
aaaah 08-05-06 19:18
my dad is a huge douche bad.

sickening. 08-04-06 20:18
i cried in the back of my friends car today.. and then when the kid driving and this other kid got back in the car.. i threw my huge "bug" sunglasses on so that noone could tell.
this is getting old.
and its really starting to make me sick.
ill just cry until i puke.
then maybe ill feel better.
mmmm 08-03-06 07:05
the first night ive had in too many weeks-to myself. let me tell you.. it was the best feeling in the world.
ill miss the cousins. but im going out to oregon next summer, so i guess i wont miss them TOO much. lol.
i slept in my brithers rooom last night because he was sleeping out and has air conditioning..now his room is on the first floor right offf of the living room. so at 800 this morning the phone starts ringing.. and its so rediculously loud.. it wakes me up. but do i get my lazy ass outa bed and answer? no. but i didnt know my mom and dad left for my moms treatment.
so the phone stops ringing and i figure "sweet i can go back to bed"... but no.. they fucking call back. so i answer.
damn those visiting nurses.

now im up for good and its only 9:55. and normally i sleep til noon. and it doesnt help that i was up til 2.
oh yes
today is going to be a wonderful day.
(sarcasm^--for any of you rediculously slow people)
kfmd jvdkf 08-01-06 21:54
what the fuck?
why am i so pissed off at the fucking world?
im being a bitch to everyone. cuz im being depressed. because my cousin has been attatched to my hip for the last week and a half and i havent had any alone time for myself.
and ya know.. i need that alone time. its what im used to. i need my room to be my room.. so i can go in there and cry about shit (im not emo i swear.. i fight with my dad and moms dying, i have reasons) instead of locking myself in the bathroom while little happy-go-lucky cousin is sound asleep in MY bed.

we are now at the point that we are getting extremely annoyed with each other. so im perpously being a bitch. im tired of trying to get a long because she makes no efforts to respect my space or needs.

shut the fuck up.
07-31-06 21:42
apparently im a bitch because i dont want to listen to my brothers emo ass music that i dont like?
fucking reality check asshole, your a douche bag and noone likes you because you are an inconsiderate asshole, with a shitload of feelings that only concern yourself. you dont even give 2 shits that our moms fucking dying.. sinse your never around to be with her.

get smacked in the fucking face.
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